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Jeb Bush Response to Donald Trump's Attack on his Wife is Unbelievably Weak

After three days of letting Donald Trump's attack on Columba Bush hang in the air, Jeb Bush finally responded. Hold onto your face, Donald.

Over the weekend, businessman and flaming bag of dogcrap on the Republican Party's porch Donald Trump tweeted and deleted an attack on Jeb Bush and his wife, Columba Bush. He quoted a tweet that said "#JebBush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife," and while Trump now says he didn't authorize that tweet, he also says he stands by it:

"I didn't authorize it. i don't regret anything. it was a retweet, wasn't me. If you look carefully, a retweet of a story, a very good story, a very strong story, good story, fair story. But do I regret -- no, I don't regret it. Look, I would say that he would, if my wife were from Mexico, I think I would have a soft spot for people from Mexico. I can understand that."

That sounds pretty reasonable, except for the fact that Trump is saying that Jeb Bush's affection for his wife, and concurrent soft spot for people from Mexico, is a substantive and political liability that will result in our country being overrun by Mexican rapists.

After three days of silence on Trump's attack on his wife, Jeb Bush finally responded during a town hall in Hudson, NH Wednesday. Let the face-ripping begin:

“My wife is from Mexico. I love her dearly. Been married for 41 years. I am not going to stop loving my wife. I’m pretty comfortable with that position. I’ll stick with it for a while.”

“You can love the Mexican culture and love your Mexican-American wife and also believe we need to control the border. This is a bizarre kind of idea that somehow you can have an affection for people in a different country and not think the rule of law should apply. This is ludicrous.”

Never mind the substance of Bush's response, which completely ignores the fact that Trump is attacking his wife as a political liability and validates Trump's premise merely by acknowledging it, and just listen to the "Jeez, Biff..." tone of voice. No one, especially not Republican base voters, is going to vote for George McFly. The presidency is obviously not Jeb's density.

The news media seems to be missing the significance of this subplot, but it will become readily apparent in a couple of weeks, when Jeb and the gang will have to share a debate stage with Donald Trump. Trump may have a ceiling of about 35% with Republican voters, but that's going to loom large after he mops the floor with the rest of that debate field.