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Websites HATE them: Gawker's 1 Weird Trick For Getting Crazy Traffic

Please excuse me while I jump off a cliff.
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You have to give it to the gossip merchants at Gawker. The hand-selected Denton writersreally do know how to hack the internet and make it eat itself. The meta-ness of this article (pic above) is a wonderful example of how subversively mocking clickbait by mimicking it results not only in moral superiority, but a crap ton of traffic that isn't technically clickbait, but actually is.

The article is about Mark Wahlberg or something (I didn't actually read it), but that doesn't really matter. The point was to intrigue people and get them clicking, knowing full well that they knew it was parody, but would not be able to help themselves anyway. Based on ads like the one below, this clickbait nonsense pollutes the internet and make it a horrible place for everyone other than the nasty little ad men profiting off of them. But they are everywhere because they work.


If you are reading this, it's likely you clicked on the article because of the headline - proving that the internet is ruled by clickbait and the journalism industry is completely screwed.

Don't feel too bad about yourself though - the only reason I know about Gawker's cheeky trick is because I clicked on the damn headline too.

Now please excuse me while I jump off a cliff.

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