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Jon Stewart Humiliates Antonin Scalia Over Gay Marriage Dissent

Jon Stewart blasted Scalia's ridiculous hypocrisy on the gay marriage ruling.
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On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart laid into Justice Antonin Scalia for his pissy dissent over the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling.

“I think we found Scalia’s tell,” said Stewart. “The crankiness of Scalia’s insults runs inverse to his intellectual consistency.”

Scalia, Stewart noted, “had no problem telling people to f*ck off” in the Citizens United case that essentially ruined democracy irreversibly by allowing insane amounts of money into the political process. Stewart went on: "If the voters want a Voting Rights Act, and kept electing Congresses that kept renewing its anti-racial bias provisions by super-majority votes again and again, then, not only did Scalia overturn it, he had no problem dismissing all those elected representatives’ motives for passing racial justice legislation in the first place.”

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As bad as Scalia's response was to the ruling, it still doesn't compare to some of the other conservative reactions to the ruling.