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Banter Members Only Forum Now Here!

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Dear Banterers, at long last, the Banter Forum is up and running!

We have made this a Members Only forum for several reasons, the primary being that it should be a safe space where you can engage in civilized debate without fear of trolls or spammers who want to offer you millions of dollars for filling out online surveys.

There are some ground rules for the forum, and if followed, all will be well in what should turn into a very lively place for lots of interesting discussions.

The rules:

1. Please be considerate of one another (ie. don't be an asshole). 

2. Please be EXTRA welcoming to new members who want to start discussions, or get involved. 

3. Please stay on topic as much as possible. 

4. Encourage interesting discussion and do not use it for personal correspondence (you can use your own email for that!)

5. That's it. 

We will be monitoring and participating in the forums too, so happy Bantering, and please drop comments below if you are having problems logging in!