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How Ann Coulter Got Humiliated by a Latino and a Black Woman

Anti immigrant Ann Coulter got embarrassed on 'Real Time' with Bill Maher last Friday, satisfyingly by a Latino and a black woman.
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Every now and then, Ann Coulter emerges to peddle her shopworn hate schtick on whichever media outlet will have her. Once a hot favorite by networks looking to sell controversy, Coulter rarely makes it onto reputable shows as her bag of tricks is about as original as the Spiderman moviefranchise.

Over the weekend, Coulter was granted a rare appearance on 'Real Time' with Bill Maher, ostensibly to promote some insane new book she claims to have written, but largely as a gift from Maher to his liberal audience who enjoyed jeering at her at every opportunity. Coulter, whose physical appearance now exhibits the unbridled hatred and irrationality present in her troubled psyche, looked worryingly gaunt and shaky when battling her co guests, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez and the Grio's Joy Reid. After launching a ludicrous diatribe against immigrants who are apparently doing nothing more than raping Americans, stealing social security cards and turning America into a third world nation, Maher, Gutiérrez and Reid came back at her with hard facts to expose her ranting as complete gibberish.  Gutiérrez pointed out that Coulter's stance on immigration was basically revving up a "huge Lation registration machine" for the 50 million Latino US citizens, and Reid calmly explained to Coulter why her stance was so offensive to those with immigrant relatives.

The fact that no one raised their voice and all the participants on the panel took pains to dismantle Coulter's claims without resorting to name calling made it all the more effective. The panel essential treated Coulter as a freak show exhibit, unworthy of engaging with in a serious way,  and only to be talked about as if she wasn't actually real. Maher could barely keep a straight face when debating Coulter, who is self aware enough to understand when she isn't being taken seriously, making the segment all the more entertaining.

One of the reasons why Coulter's performance was so revealing was the stark contrast between her description of immigrants and the dignified performance of Gutiérrez and Reid  - two Americans born to immigrant parents who represent the actual reality of America's diversity. Contrasted with Coulter's venomous projections, the choice between the two Americas was clear - one built on hatred and fear of other, or compassionate progressivism built on diversity and maturity. If the choice wasn't obvious before, Coulter quite brilliantly made it that much clearer.