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Mike Huckabee's Co-Author Was Accused of Child Molestation

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has a child molestation problem.
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Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has a child molestation problem. Of course, that's not to suggest he himself is a sex offender, but he seems to be surrounded by people who have either been accused of molestation or who have outright confessed to it. Two weeks ago, he publicly vouched for Josh, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. And this week, we learned that his co-author, John Perry, was investigated and sued for "sexual battery" of young, underage girls.

The alleged sexual battery was reported to have occurred when the victim was between the ages of 11 and 14,” said Nashville police department spokesperson Don Aaron in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

“As a result of the investigation, the allegations of sexual battery were sustained, but it was determined that the statute of limitations had tolled, barring prosecution. The victim was age 18 when she first disclosed the allegations to non-law enforcement and said at that time she did not want the matter reported to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services or the police.”

In a second series of lawsuits brought in a county court in Tennessee, and related to the same alleged acts of child molestation, Austin Davis, a former parishioner of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, claims that the church covered up Perry’s alleged acts of child molestation and launched a campaign to silence and harass Davis.

Huckabee wrote two books with Perry, who also happened to have written a book with far-right anti-gay Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. Am I out of my mind, or is there a pattern emerging here? Now, imagine if this happened to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or (gasp!) President Obama. See, Republicans like Huckabee are orbiting actual scandals with impunity, while Obama is attacked for fake scandals by people who don't seemed to care about the actual scandals.