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The Most Insane Job Application Email Ever

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head scratch

While the headline of this piece might sound somewhat hyperbolic, please check out the email I received today that I believe is a job application. I've read this several times and cannot for the life of me understand what Mr Choi is proposing he do for the Banter. Citing "temporary hired status over the 45 business sites among Koreans," as part of his work experience, he also attached a series of illustrations that are, well, somewhat confusing... One is titled 'Save the Frog', and another 'Escape From Food Dearth' . I've posted them below the email.

Here it is (email address has been removed):

Subject: SoS to Exist~ !

No income, no job since Aug 2013,

image web :

David D Y Choi


During the past decade,

even if joined at 45 work sites,

acquired work site were known as pre-framed sites, including of war and Conflict zones.

More harsh condition is no more income line, no more work opportunity since Aug 2013,

even if, have invested most daily hours from early morning up to late evening to acquire basic living cost.

To overcome of given status, sending this notice in searching of open-minded side.

Apparently, my status is clear to go,

in reality, basis on local media from Europe, on the date of April 14, 2014, TV forum,

my case was classified as 'Gov. Sanction'.

Please see the attached file images at your free time

and give your regard via e-mailed notice.

Any of regard / reply is welcomed.

Truthfully yours,

David D Y Choi,
web :

image web :

=== following content is from personal URL,


in searching of a reliable business site, where long term basis work opportunity is eligible to

This is David D Y Choi Who has keen interest to acquire secure job opportunity.

Since my young boyhood,
I have been known as good hand skilled personnel from repairing up to manufacturing of idea basis products among the village people.

At my early 20s,
I served as the Vehicle Repairing Program Instructor as the military officer.
While serving as the instructor, I could update air, ship, railroad, truck system basis transportation know-how.

At my early 30s,
I could update my career with taking Apprenticeship program in Canada with acquiring of highest marks among the 16 originated countries, new comers, among the talented immigrants at the class.

At my 40s,
I have been worked at temporary hired status over the 45 business sites among Koreans.
This made me have strong know-how based on multi-business site work experience.

At my early 50s at this moment,
I am willing to find a reliable work site where long term basis work opportunity is eligible.

Would you please let me join and work for the business site, in which you are engaged?

Believing that, my joining would be resulted in positive benefit.


David D Y Choi

#5 No Mercy at all
#6 Considering Normal life
#7 No Way to be Contacted
#8 Save the Frog
#9 Escape or Food Dearth


If anyone has ANY idea what this is about, please comment below.