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So You Probably Shouldn't Have Signed Up For Adult Friend Finder

And you definitely shouldn't have used your .gov email address to do it.
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Anonymous hook-up website Adult Friend Finder (you know, that place in all the pop-up ads) has been hacked big time.

Ars Technica reports roughly four million users had their "email addresses, sexual orientations, and other sensitive details" sent out in the breach. While it was originally "seeded to anonymous sites hosted on the Tor privacy network," the data can now be easily found on social media sites like Twitter. Whoever is behind the attack goes by the psuedonym ROR[RG]. The hacker claims AFF ripped a friend of his off to the tune of about $248,000 and says he is currently in Thailand, where "any LE here i can pay off."

Fortunately credit card details were redacted by the hacker before the data was posted.

Of course, if you put any personally identifiable information into a website called "Adult Friend Finder," you either really don't care or tend not to think too much before oversharing with random strangers. Kind of fitting.

On Twitter, at least one user quickly found evidence that a few people are about to get so fired.

Yet another compelling reminder that yes, you should probably actually treat the Internet like a real place where bad things happen to careless people, instead of a magic black box that takes credit cards on one end and barfs out anonymous hookups on the other.