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Jeb Bush's Health Care Plan For America: Get Rid of Obamacare and Replace it with an Apple Watch

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When you can afford to drop $600 on a watch it is understandable that your understanding of poor people's needs might be a little skewed. But believing a fancy pulse monitor that also holds all your music  can replace a health care system that cares for an aging population with increasing levels of obesity, cancer and heart disease is probably a step too far.

But not for the GOP's next Presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who appears to believe an Apple Watch can replace the Affordable Health Care Act.  Speaking at Tempe, Arizona to a crowd of Republicans, Jeb Bush outlined his vision of an American system where the government abdicated responsibility in favor of individuals who would use fancy watches to  tell them when their blood sugar levels are too high:

There you have it America, health crisis solved!