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German Aerospace Experts Debunk North Korean Submarine Missile Photos

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Retro fashion mogul and all round psychopath Kim Jong Un has yet again made his country the laughing stock of the world with another photoshopped photo of North Korea's military prowess. In keeping with a long history of botched propaganda photos (more on that below), Kim claimed his country had successfully launched a ballistic missile from a submarine.

If the launch had been real, it would have represented a huge leap forward for the country with a seriously outdated and overstretched military. Sadly for Kim, his expert photoshoppers are not only not experts, but actively terrible at their job.  Literally days after North Korea released the photos, German aerospace experts studied the photos and concluded that they were "strongly modified" (ie. complete bullshit). They stated that the reflections of the missile exhaust flame in the water did not line up with the missile itself. Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker, of Schmucker Technologie, told Reuters:

Considering the track record of North Korean deceptions, it seems sensible to assume that any North Korean SLBM [submarine-launched ballistic missile] capability is still a very long time in the future, if it will ever surface.

If you compare the photo above with the photo below, you will see that there are radically different amounts of smoke coming out of the supposed missile. The photo below shows smoke billowing out of the missile, while the photo above shows relatively little smoke. There is also a strange red patch on the ocean that appears to be the photoshoppers attempt to create a shadow for the make believe missile.


This is by no means the worst photoshopping effort by the North Korean government. In a 2013 issue of North Korea’s labor magazine, Korean military figures were either displaying magical powers and were floating across the floor, or they were photoshopped onto an image with a memorial:


There is also the official press release photo in 1995 that memorialized Kim Il-sung’s death with him standing with his son on a mountaintop. It is so hilariously fake that even the most diehard supporter of the state would have a hard time believing it:


As hard as it may be for Kim Jong Un to accept, North Korea is a basket case country that poses no serious threat to anyone other than itself. So breathe easy America, no need to call Chuck Norris just yet.

(images via the Telegraph and Kotaku