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Douchebag Shawn Simoes Gets Fired After Video of Him Harassing News Reporter Goes Viral

Karma is a bitch.
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(Image: Shawn Simoes)

Yesterday we covered reporter CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt's epic shaming of a group of soccer bro douchebags who sexually harassed her with an incredibly unfunny internet meme outside a Toronto FC game in Canada. It turns out that one of the perpetrators has now been fired from his job in at an electricity provider after the video went viral and some of the abusers identified.

Reports ABC News:

Ontario's largest electricity provider, Hydro One, issued a statement saying it has fired one of its employees in connection with the lewd disruption Sunday at a Toronto FC game. In the video, CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt is shown confronting and questioning the men who shouted crude remarks into her microphone and defended it as part of a popular trend.

A Hydro One official identified the employee as Shawn Simoes, but spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to name him for privacy reasons.

Simoes, an Arsenal fan, had told Hunt that:“You’re lucky there’s not a fucking vibrator in your ear like in England, because it happens all the time.” Simoes laughed at Hunt when she asked him what his mother would think of his disgusting behavior, believing - incorrectly as it turns out - that the world would see him as a comic genius. Hydro One fired him immediately with the company’s head of communications stating: “Respect for all people is ingrained in our values. We’re committed to a work environment where harassment of any kind is met with zero tolerance and a swift response.”

On top of losing his job, Simoes and his comedy chums also face a one year ban from all games of the soccer club and any other teams owned by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (including the NHL Maple Leafs and the NBA Toronto Raptors).

Despite the seriousness of losing one's employment, it is difficult not to take an immense amount of pleasure witnessing Karma work so effectively. If you get kicks out of humiliating and harassing women, outside of physical injury you deserve pretty much anything you get.