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Charles C. Johnson Creates New Twitter Profile, Gets Banned Immediately

Twitter douchebag Charles C. Johnson was banned by the social media platform for encouraging acts of violence against a civil rights activist. Johnson hilariously signed up again, but was blacklisted almost instantaneously.
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After internet super troll Charles C. Johnson solicited donations for "taking out" civil rights activist DeRay McKesson on Twitter, he was banned from using the social media outlet for violating their policies on violent threats. McKesson rightfully took Johnson's tweet seriously, no doubt due to Johnson's popularity with the extreme right.

Screenshot 2015-05-26 10.57.24

Johnson has since claimed that his tweet was not intended as a death threat, but rather to help with his "investigative journalism". Twitter chose not to interpret it that way, and has continued to blacklist Johnson from their platform despite him cleverly signing up again under a new name in order to "free @chuckcjohnson". His new account appears in Google search with the ironically self aware handle '@citizentrolling':

Screenshot 2015-05-26 11.12.14

But when clicking through, you can see that the account has been suspended:

Screenshot 2015-05-26 11.12.25

Never let it be said that Johnson doesn't have tenacity. His unyielding desire to hound minorities, women and the most vulnerable in society is truly remarkable, and in any reasonable, fascist society, he would be heralded as a hero. Unfortunately for Johnson, he lives in 21st century America, and tolerance for his bullshit is reaching an all time low. Twitter was Johnson's main vehicle for promoting himself and now that has gone, so too has the little influence he wielded.