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A Note to Our Readers: Big News at the Banter

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Screenshot 2015-05-18 13.34.07

Banter readers,

A note on some big changes coming here at Banter HQ:

We are eternally grateful for your patience as we roll out some big changes to the site and the members section in the coming days. Going forward, we're going to be launching a weekly digital magazine with a completely new and beautiful layout in the Members section, and adding a Members Only forum where you can banter about whatever you would like away from the public comments section.

Here's a sneak preview of what a piece in the magazine will look like (click to expand the image):

Screenshot 2015-05-18 13.29.49

There will be more changes coming as the year goes by and we will let you know as we roll them out.

As always, we are committed to publishing original, thought provoking content on the Banter, and we would not be able to do this without you. If you are thinking about becoming a member, please take a moment to watch 'The Story of The Daily Banter':

If you'd like to support what we do, please go here to become a member to get unlimited access to the site and be first in line to read the magazine when it comes out!

Thanks again for all your support,

Ben and the team at Banter