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Mike Huckabee Believes American Citizens Should Have Nuclear Weapons in their Homes

Can someone tell this guy to stop speaking in public?
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Mike huckabee

When Mike Huckabee visited a shooting range in Johnston, Iowa on Monday, he was asked by an audience whether he thought the government should be able to limit 'what type of arms a person a law abiding person can purchase'. Huckabee gave a rather alarming answer:

We should have whatever we choose to have. Because it's a citizens right. The government shouldn't tell me what the limitations of my self-protection are. If somebody's  going to break into my house I want to at least be as well-armed as they are if not better armed than they are. My plan is always to have a better arsenal to defend myself than they are going to have to try to attack me. So whatever I must do to do that. And I've been asked on many occasions, well how many firearms do you have. Well, the answer to that is none of your business. It's for me to know and for you to find out. But I'll put it this way I have more than one gun safe and I need them both. Phil Gramm once famously said [...] he said 'I have all the guns I need but not all the guns I want.'

You can check out the video here:

It stands to reason that by 'American government' Huckabee is including the military given it is funded and ultimately directed by the American government. If this is the case, then Huckabee is not only advocating American citizens purchasing anti air craft weaponry, but nuclear warheads to defend against the socialists in the White House.

It is worth bearing in mind that the US has around 7200 nuclear warheads and is by far the biggest and most powerful military force on the planet. For American citizens to equal the force of its government's military, it would not only require roughly $786.6 billion, but some serious training on how to handle nuclear and biological weapons. Anyone want to give this guy some lessons?:


It is amazing that Mike Huckabee cannot see the hilarious irony in his incessant anti government rhetoric when he is trying to become the President of that very same government. Then again, making sense was never his strong point.