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Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Thinks He Knows What Happened to That Amtrak Train

It's because the engineer is reportedly gay. And because he's gay, he was probably doing all kinds of bad things that gay people do.
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Photo: Chuck C. Johnson

Whenever the name "Chuck C. Johnson" pops up in my Twitter feed, an internal debate begins. Do I expose this hack-fraud blogger for the shameless hack-fraud he is? Or do I ignore him in hopes he'll go away? The latter question is kind of a non-starter because people like Johnson never go away.

Somehow, and this is especially the case on the far-right where Johnson resides, there's a mysterious and limitless fuel source that allows these people to keep burning, even when those of us in the real world aren't looking. Therefore our only option is to try our best to discredit them and, as a bonus, to publicly shame them. So, while they might continue doing what they're doing, no one -- not even readers who might otherwise support them -- takes them seriously any more.

We've dedicated several articles to Johnson here at The Daily Banter, and he always reads them. At the very least, perhaps there's a minuscule neuron in his lizard brain that feels ashamed when we expose his trolling and hackery. Usually, however, he sends his photographer after us claiming we're not allowed to use Johnson's mugshots on our site, hence the appropriate look-alike photo above. Needless to say, Johnson is easy to provoke, which makes attacking him even more entertaining.

And just as with previous articles, it's simply impossible to hurl enough scorn and ridicule at Chuck this time. His latest hamfisted attempt at "journalism" involves the deadly Amtrak derailment near Philadelphia Tuesday night. This time, Chuck, in his complete and unknowing tone deafness -- I mean, he really has zero sense of newsworthiness or ethics -- seems to believe he knows why the engineer of the train did what he did (and we don't know if he actually did anything wrong). Are you ready? It's because the engineer is reportedly gay. And because he's gay, he was probably doing all kinds of bad things that gay people do. Oh, Chuck, you magnificent bastard.

Before we get into the gay angle, here's how Chuck began his twisted coverage of the story (via Charles Johnson):


Yes, his first instinct was to dox the engineer without knowing whether the engineer was even responsible. In other words, Chuck was ready to expose all of the engineer's private information even though there was zero confirmation that the engineer had done anything wrong. Then...



Wow, Chuck really wanted the engineer to be African-American so he could make this about affirmative action and incompetent black people. Hours of race-baiting fun!


Never mind the race-baiting, it's time for some gay bashing. And gay bash is what Chuck proceeded to do.



So, Chuck has leaped to the (libelous and offensive) conclusion that because the engineer is gay, he's either mentally ill or was using meth while driving the train. It's basically the triple crown: bad journalism, unsubstantiated claims and homophobia, all rolled into one.

Again, we have no idea whether this was a mechanical failure or if the engineer was to blame.

For a while there, I didn't think anyone could be worse than Drudge. Then came Andrew Breitbart. And now, Chuck C. Johnson. It's a fine tradition of horrible, horrible journalism.

(The obligatory disclaimer: Chuck C. Johnson is not to be confused with good guy Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs.)