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Best Of Banter: Islam Isn't Sacred, Noam Chomsky Burns Out and Clinton's Poll Numbers

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Here's the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

For the One Millionth Time, Criticizing Islam Isn’t Bigotry


Banter senior editor Mike Luciano pens a harsh rebuttal of the wave of vitriol directed at anti-Muslim fanatic Pamela Geller in light of news that two would-be Islamic assassins died attempting to break into her recent "Draw Mohammad" event:

Whatever you think of Geller or cartoons of Muhammad, this is obviously a time to condemn the attack, defend the right to free speech, and affirm that nothing that Geller and the AFDI have done can in any way excuse such a violent act.Or, if you’re someone who simply doesn’t get it, this is a time to condemn Geller and other critics of Islam.

MEMBERS ONLY: How To Reappear Completely

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.38.22 AM

Most New Yorkers occasionally ponder what it would be like to leave the city entirely and never come back. Banter's Chez Pazienza left New York in 2009 and here he pens a heartfelt retrospective on what disappearing and reappearing is like for a man who burnt his past:

There are other ways to live your life when you’re middle-aged and middle-class. There are plenty of other places to live. Waking up most mornings to sunshine and cloudless skies and spending most of the winter with your car windows rolled down and your sunglasses on — that’s not so bad.

White House Says President Obama ‘Won’t Sign’ a Bad TPP Trade Deal

Obama speaks as Hassanal Bolkiah listen

D.C. correspondent Tommy Christopher gets a response from Press Secretary Josh Earnest on whether the president will refuse to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership if it turns out to be a bad deal. Spot-on reporting from the White House, with a blunt assessment of whether or not Obama would actually trash the damn thing.

Sam Harris Exposes Noam Chomsky as a Pedantic Contrarian Unwilling to Debate Seriously

chomsky harris

Editor-in-chief Ben Cohen dissects Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky's recent feud to expose the latter as an "irascible intellectual bully, deeply impressed by his own moral superiority and completely dismissive of anything challenging his self evidently brilliant rationale." The whole thing is a delightful long read, full of cutting observations and critiques of how people like Chomsky have turned the left into a "self-ordained priesthood," so dive in.

Here’s What It Looks Like When 200 Paranoid Idiots Try To Get the Army To Admit It’s Planning To Take Over Texas

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.15.30 PM

Can we give Texas back to Mexico already? Chez writes a thoroughly entertaining and insightful takedown of the idiots claiming that recent U.S. military exercises in Texas are a pretext for the feds to launch a massive coup:

As the lead-up to what’s being called “Jade Helm 15″ continues, we’re going to see more and more of these tin-foil-hatted idiots, assured in their arrogant certitude and completely oblivious to their ignorance, ranting about U.N. troops and FEMA camps in Wal-Marts (for real) and Obama ushering in Sharia law and so on. It’ll be a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing, but it’ll be inescapable considering how entertaining a spectacle it is when crazy people figuratively take hostages.

Hillary’s Poll Numbers Are Way Up, Despite “Homebrew” Email and Donor Scandals

19th International AIDS Conference Conv

Bob Cesca writes in to let the haters know that Hillary Clinton's poll numbers remain totally fine just a few weeks after the faux-scandal over Clinton's use of a private "homebrew" e-mail server reached its peak. Bob runs through the numbers here and has some interesting insights on other campaign polling as well, including just how steadfast Republican opposition to gay marriage remains throughout the country.

Conservative Asshat Chuck C. Johnson Doesn’t Know How a Crime Scene Works


But he does know one thing: how to get kicked out of an active terrorism investigation by the FBI.