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Serial Woman Beater Floyd Mayweather Sued by Ex for Being an Asshole

According to Floyd Mayweather, he was actually only 'restraining' the mother of his three children Josie Harris when he beat her savagely in 2010. Harris is having none of it though, and is suing the boxer for $20 million.
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The mother of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s children, Josie Harris, is apparently suing the boxer for defamation over his recent comments about the domestic violence case that sent Mayweather to jail in 2012. Harris filed the lawsuit for $20 million, Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging Mayweather made false statements about the attack that saw her hospitalized. From ESPN:

The lawsuit focuses on comments Mayweather made during an April interview with Yahoo! News anchor Katie Couric in which he said he was restraining his ex-girlfriend and that she was on drugs at the time of the incident. The lawsuit calls Mayweather's comments "utterly false."

Despite a publicly available record of five badly beaten women (that we know about), having a written statement from his 10 year old son who witnessed his mother being repeatedly punched, and being found guilty by a court, Mayweather is still maintaining he was only 'restraining a person'. Mayweather told Couric: "Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs? Yes, I did. So if they say that it's domestic violence, then you know what, I'm guilty of restraining a person." For more background on Mayweather's 'restraining' history with women, check out this report:

Incredibly, none of these new revelations about Harris's drug abuse came out at the time and if he is to be believed, the selfless Mayweather served jail time in order to protect Harris's reputation. Harris was having none of this, her law suit stating:

The statements by Mayweather during the Couric interview were totally and unequivocally false and defamatory...the true facts are Harris was not a drug-abuser or drug-addict.

What a great guy.