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Rush Limbaugh: Garland, TX Shooting Was 'Green-Lit' by Obama

In spite of the "Thanks, Obama" meme's dwindling efficacy, the far-right continues to go there.
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In spite of the "Thanks, Obama" meme's dwindling efficacy, the far-right continues to go there. Last week, they blamed President Obama for the rioting and looting in Baltimore following the tragic death of Freddie Gray. And this week, the non-fatal shooting in Garland, TX outside an exhibit of Muhammad cartoons also happens to be Obama's fault.

At least, that's what Rush Limbaugh said Monday on his radio program.

Obama himself said "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet," i.e. Pam Geller's group. So, if the president-- and he said that at the UN, he said it a number of places, does that not sort of green-light people in ISIS who wanna take up arms and go after people whom they believe are slandering the prophet?

The existence of the Cavuto mark at the end of that quote notwithstanding, Limbaugh is explicitly saying here that it's Obama's fault that a pair of alleged jihadists shot a security guard in the leg outside the cartoon event. If that's the case (and it's not) then part of the blame should go to President Bush who, following the Danish cartoon incident, said:

"Anti-Muslim images are as unacceptable as anti-Semitic images, as anti-Christian images or any other religious belief,"


"America rejects bigotry. We reject every act of hatred against people of Arab background or Muslim faith America values and welcomes peaceful people of all faiths -- Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and many others."

But of course none of that matters. Whatever happens, it's Obama's fault -- except for the good stuff. The economy would've improved anyway. The stock market is someone else's doing. Six years ago, Limbaugh famously said he wished for Obama's policies to fail. But in the face of a long list of successful policies, Limbaugh's shoehorning Obama into every negative event because he'll never admit that everything's okay and that his wildest dreams for a collapsing America never came true.