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In Just 60 Seconds the Political Press Proves How Embarrassingly Stupid It's Going To Be Leading Up To 2016

There are reporters sprinting after something they're calling the "Scooby van." God help us for the next year-and-a-half.
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As you know, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidency this past Sunday. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion, but it did manage to inject an immediate sense of urgency into the proceedings as Clinton's entrance felt like it marked the official start of the race. Up until now, America's political press has had little more to do than pretend that Ted Cruz is a serious person and Rand Paul isn't entirely full of shit. It was always clear that the two of them represented nothing more than the tip of the stupid spear and that by the time things really got going it would be an all-out assault from the GOP's clown army. Hillary had to casually brush the amateurs aside and declare for the serious insanity of the campaign season to begin.

And begin it has.

If you want a perfect illustration of the kind of absurdity that's ahead from the media for the next 19 months, the image of a bunch of idiots chasing down something they've dubbed the "Scooby van" should do nicely. Clinton was in Iowa for a meet-and-greet Tuesday afternoon and upon leaving she got in her vehicle -- the aforementioned Scooby van -- and was whisked away. The mob of reporters could have done the sensible thing and continued doing their stand-ups or otherwise filing their reports since the news at that location was over. But when has politics ever been sensible? So what you had was a couple of dozen people suddenly breaking into a run to chase after the van on foot like they were teenagers and the kids from One Direction were in the thing. Seemingly, only MSNBC stayed in place to cover the carnage.

Bear witness to the political journalism armageddon.

There's your official campaign slogan for the press this season:

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