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Here's the Very First Big Question Everyone's Asking About the New True Detective Teaser

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If you've been anywhere near the internet today, you know that the insanely anticipated first teaser has finally dropped for the new season of HBO's True Detective.

If you spent the first few months of last year completely immersed in every single detail of season one of the show, as I did -- to a somewhat frightening degree -- you're already analyzing and overanalyzing this first look at the next set of episodes. In a mere one minute, we're presented with Colin Farrell and  Taylor Kitsch, one as a "compromised" detective, the other as a CHP cop; Rachel McAdams in what's sure to be a "break-out" role for someone who's actually been around for years, looking absolutely bad-ass as a tough Ventura County detective; and of course Vince Vaughn, playing against type as a steely-eyed but seemingly desperate entrepreneur/criminal. All of that, plus, of course, the monster at the end of the dream, this time in the form of a masked man.

But what's truly at the center of this trailer is the mood that True Detective became so famous for last year. The sense of dread combined with haunting beauty that draws you in and won't let go. And one of the keys to that this time around is the gorgeous and undeniably tragic song that plays throughout the trailer. In season one, the musical magic was provided by The Handsome Family, with a 2003 track that was brought back for the theme song of the show, Far From Any Road. The song in the new teaser is this season's first big mystery. What we know so far is that it's an unreleased track from singer-songwriter Lera Lynn. No one seems to know the name of it just yet, which means it could have been commissioned specifically for the show.

If you're interested in hearing more from her for the moment though, there's this -- her single Out To Sea.

And here she does an amazing cover of TV on the Radio's Wolf Like Me.

True Detective season two begins June 21st. Prepare to be obsessed all over again.

(h/t Bustle)