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Guess Which News Network Has the Dumbest Weathercasters?

Hint: it isn't MSNBC, CNN or ABC.
fox news

Reading a weather forecast doesn't take a huge amount of skill and doesn't require a meteorology degree, but it is an important job. Your daily mini presentation lets the public know whether it's safe to drive, a good idea to go to the beach, or if they need an umbrella to get to work. It is a position of trust and we want our weathercasters to have a good grip on the science behind their predictions. Because if they don't, it can really screw up our day.

Weathercasters also help us understand how our climate works, and given the rapid heating of our planet due to man's gigantic CO2 footprint, it is more important than ever. Sadly, one news network has hired weathercasters who not only don't believe the temperature on planet earth is rising, but do not accept that if it is, humans are to blame. From Media Matters:

It is quite shocking that as recent as 2010, 27% of weathcasters believed global warming was a "scam", but progress has been made and we should be grateful(?) that the vast majority are coming around to the overwhelming scientific consensus. Fox News's continued climate change denial is particularly obnoxious given just how serious climate change is, and as per usual insists on not only catering to the ignorant, but creating ignorance too.