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Fox News Fool Suggests Clinton's Chipotle Trip Is 'Hispanic Outreach'

Nailed it.

On the Tuesday edition of Outnumbered, Fox News' Andrea Tantaros suggested that Hillary Clinton's incognito trip to a Toledo, Ohio Chipotle (which she reportedly pronounced "Chi-polt-ee") was an effort to "eat off this hangover" and also some kind of "Hispanic outreach" because, you know, them Mexicans sure like their burriters:

"Was it maybe -- Hispanic outreach? She heard Rubio was announcing, so she thought let's go to a Chipote [sic] and get some pico de gallo."

Just one little thing: Chipotle was founded by white guy Steve Ells, and really bears only an aesthetic resemblance to any actual cuisine from south of the border. But there's never a better time to make a little racist crack than when hundreds of thousands of people are watching, I suppose.

Clinton, by the way, might be prepared to do some actual Latino outreach by addressing their core economic concerns, rather than merely offer up some token sacrifice like immigration reform to the Latino community like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in the hopes that they then magically become Republican base voters. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney lost the Latino vote by huge margins, and Clinton is polling better than either among them already.

This kind of arrogance could cost Republicans dearly as they head into 2016. The GOP can't really afford for Hispanics to see them as a bunch of out-of-touch white folks feigning care about the plight of minorities while subtly mocking their concerns, no matter what dumb things people like Andrea Tantaros say.