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Amy Schumer Brilliantly Shows Trevor Noah How To Make a Joke About Women's Bodies

Show 'em, Schumer.

One of the old tweets (since deleted) that had the internet demanding Comedy Central produce the head of Daily Show host-in-waiting Trevor Noah stated, "A hot white woman with ass is like a unicorn. Even if you do see one, you'll probably never get to ride it."

Now, if you're going to make a crack about a woman's ass, it better be funny, which Noah's wasn't. It's far from thought-provoking and contains no meaningful unspoken truth like great jokes often do, unless of course you regard the tweet itself as an oblivious meta-commentary about the objectification of women.

But on the same day all that noisy business was going on, Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer unveiled a spot to promote its April 21 season three premiere. In it, Schumer shows Noah and everyone else how to make a good ass joke while flat-out objectifying a whole bunch of women:

"Here at Inside Amy Schumer, we're not into using cheap marketing ploys to get you to watch our quality show. These women just happen to be here because they're working. She's a gaffer. This is our head writer. And this, this is an intern."

As a woman, Schumer obviously has more latitude than men do when it comes to spoofing "cheap marketing ploys" that involve copious amounts of women's posteriors, but if done right, anyone can make this type of joke. Here she's poking fun at a culture that relies heavily on scantily-clad women by taking it to an absurd extreme. Her explanation that the women just happen to be "working" is just as ridiculous -- a purposely poorly-veiled cover that mocks those who truly do sell their shows or products using lots of female skin. This is where Noah's joke failed. Rather than skewer a prevailing cultural norm, it exemplified one.

The beauty of Schumer's ad is that despite the presence of 10 shapely rears and pairs of legs, the viewer's attention is drawn to the modestly-dressed Schumer, whose comedically demented mind has produced some brilliant comedy over the years. And no amount of booty is going to make us forget that.

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