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MEMBERS ONLY: Three Questions For Our Members

Got suggestions? Here's your chance.

Today is my turn in the rotation to write the day's "Members Only" post. To be honest, I've never really known what the most appropriate type of article to put behind the paywall is. Is it an in-depth look at an important political issue? A behind the scenes glimpse at the daily happenings at the White House? A screed against billionaires who tell kids to forgo a college degree? A solemn musing about the gentrified fate of one's hometown? A tale of sexual desire?

The answer may be, for all I know, all of these things. It is and will continue to be the prerogative of the individual writers on this site to write what they want and how they want. Lately, I've been dedicating my Members Only posts to topics of which I have some unique insight or experience. The drawback though, is that as a very private person there are only so many experiences I'm willing to share, whether they're madcap or mundane.

With this post, I want to ask the Members specifically (which is why this is being placed in this section) three questions. It's my sincere hope that as many of you as possible chime in the comments below to help me -- and possibly other writers on this site (though, I can only speak for myself) -- understand what you as Members are looking to get out of this.

1) What are some of your favorite Members Only posts and why? 

These posts can be from anyone -- not just me. What were they and what made them so enjoyable and/or memorable to you?

2) What is your ideal type of Members section post? 

Please note that for this question I do mean type of postand not topic for posts. There are a litany of subjects we can and do write about in a given week. What I want to know for myself are the sorts of articles that you, our paying Members, want to read in this section that's been walled off from non-members. Personal insights from the industry? Deep dives into pressing issues? Offbeat political commentary? Satire? In short, what type of content will reaffirm your decision to become a paying member?

3) What type of content do you not want to see in the Members section?

Without citing specific articles, what kinds of articles do you feel aren't particularly appropriate for the Members section? Maybe you think there's a type of article that's not suited to this section, or maybe you feel like there's a topic that's so widely covered that it'd be a better fit in front of the paywall. If so, what are they?

And of course, if you have other suggestions as to the type of content you'd like to see in both the Members section and on the broader site, please tell me. Here's your chance. It doesn't mean that I'll heed all advice or suggestions , but it's definitely important to understand where the readers -- especially members -- on this site are coming from, and what they expect from me as an inhabitant of this island of misfit writers called The Daily Banter.

Thank you, and God bless America. (jk about the last part)