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Best Of Banter: Elizabeth Warren Is Lying to You, Dual Homeowners Suck and Spongebob On Weed

Here's the week that was at The Daily Banter.

Here's the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Telling the Truth About The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal


Tommy Christopher lays a pretty solid case that liberal icon Elizabeth Warren is misleading the public over her opposition to granting President Obama fast-track authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

When it comes to Trade Promotion Authority, then, the question really boils down to a matter of trust: do you trust President Obama to get the very best deal possible, and want to give him the flexibility to do that? Just as in the case of the Iran nuclear deal, these are multi-party talks that are very complicated, and nearly impossible to conduct completely in the open.

This is not a new phenomenon, and one which Sen. Warren seems to understand in the context of the P5+1 talks. When she is shocked, SHOCKED that the TPP deal isn’t available for public viewing while it is still being negotiated, she is not telling you the truth.

MEMBERS ONLY: The Death and Rebirth of a Cartoon About Pot and SpongeBob

Bob Cesca tells the sad tale of the demise of his weed-themed Spongebob parody starring a fun lil guy named Spongebong and his friend Hashbrick. It's a wild and lovely tale, and it's a shame this particular gem never got to air. Just a couple years later, and I think this short would have fit right in with the times.

Dear Rich People: Your Second Home is Creating a Homeless Epidemic


Banter editor-in-chief Ben Cohen highlights a depressing reality about modern-day America: that increasing numbers of people are going homeless because our bloated class of plutocrats just had to have a second home. Or a third. Or, you know, three and a condo downtown if they just wanna chill there instead of heading home after a long night downtown drinking Hennessy:

The notion that millions of people can be subjected to crippling housing situations where rent is either astronomically high, conditions are appalling, or housing simply isn’t available so that the ultra wealthy can get a good return on their fortune is one of the greatest tragedies of modern capitalism.

MEMBERS ONLY: You Are What’s Really Being Tested in the Outstanding Ex Machina

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.25.43 PM

Chez Pazienza's review of Ex Machina should get you pumped out of your mind to see this movie about an engineer performing the Turing test on an artificially intelligent robot named Ava. Chez writes that the thriller "works so well precisely because it claws under your skin and leaves you not only wondering what your responses would be if you were put in the same situation as the characters, but sure of what they actually were as you watched the movie."

Chris Christie’s Marijuana Crackdown Pledge Shows Just How Out of Touch He Really is

Chris Christie

While the majority of Americans have apparently learned a thing or two from the disaster of marijuana prohibition, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has absolutely not. Ben covers Christie's absurd promise to crack down on marijuana hard as president with hard facts rebutting drug-war logic, as well as polls confirming that Christie is hopelessly out of touch with America's cultural zeitgeist.

The NSA’s Earth Day Recycling Mascot Will Give You Night Terrors


Bob Cesca explains how and why this terrifying monstrosity came to be here.

Will The FTC Soon Rain on Native Advertising’s Parade?


Could the FTC kill native advertising? Contributor Simon Owens argues that it should in a well-written, thorough examination of one of web journalism's sketchiest practices. Just like the trade agency requires that infomercials have text clearly identifying the segment as an ad, you might end up on a sponsored BuzzFeed post that says the same. We could all breathe a little easier with this kind of regulation.