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8 Year-Old Writes Michelle Obama Demanding the President Bomb Syria and Send Troops To Ukraine

Thankfully for the current GOP presidential field, he's ineligible to run for another 27 years.

Move over, 2016 Republican presidential candidates. There's some fresh new war-mongering blood among the foreign policy hawks. How young? So young that he won't be constitutionally eligible to be president for another 27 years.

Courtesy of Bill 'Bomb First and Ask Questions Never' Kristol's Weekly Standard, are the policy recommendations an eight year-old named Peter, who recently finished a letter to Michelle Obama he started in October. At first it seems Peter is going to simply complain about the federal government's school lunch standards enacted under the guidance of the First Lady. But then he takes a potshot at the president's speeches before showing he has much bigger fishsticks to fry:


It's impressive that Peter was able to put down his Lindsey Graham crackers long enough to write a relatively intelligible letter.... for a conservative. However, there are a couple of things worth pointing out.

Obama has been bombing Syria, though it's possible Peter is expressing his disipointment that the president didn't do it earlier, perhaps during the Syrian civil war against President Bashar al-Assad's forces. The U.S. bombing campaign commenced last year isn't aimed at Assad, but ISIS, which Peter mentions, so it's hard to tell just who he wanted bombed and when. (That's the problem with with eight year-olds -- they don't always convey their foreign policy in clear terms.)

Another point is that according to The Weekly Standard, Peter goes to a private school, which means his gripe about ketchup packets and the federal government doesn't apply to him.

While these oversights might seem like the kind of shortcomings to be expected from an eight year-old, in reality they show a certain precociousness from a child who's already smart enough to know that Republicans never let facts get in the way of a good anti-Obama screed.

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