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Best Of Banter: Hillary's Running, Pink Isn't Fat, and We Get An Apology Out Of a Conservative

Here's the week that was, at The Daily Banter.
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With Hillary season in full swing, the Banter staff have taken a break from their daily routine of stalking Ted Cruz from the shadows to bring you coverage on H-Dawg's first week. (We're still watching you, Ted.)

Here's the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

Ready for Hillary Derangement Syndrome?


Bob Cesca presents the case for Clinton, and highlights all the ways in which Democrats are preparing to shoot themselves in the foot over her still-nascent campaign. From calling her "Republican-lite" to insisting we don't need a "coronation," Cesca takes on these misconceptions and notes that "the activist left doesn’t have a particularly strong track record of picking solid primary contenders." Well worth a read.

 Hillary Has Insane Fundraising Goals Thanks To Our Backwards Politics


And for your first case study in Hillary Derangement Syndrome, I argue that Democrats shouldn't pretend they can overlook the implications of a $2.5 billion price tag for the presidency just because their side is likely to win. I take a look at Clinton's early fundraising expectations and argue that if she doesn't commit to campaign finance reform now, she's setting a dangerous precedent. Read the comments section for some examples of Clintonistas freaking out.

In Just 60 Seconds the Political Press Proves How Embarrassingly Stupid It’s Going To Be Leading Up To 2016

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.20.49 PM

Chez Pazienza brings us an early campaign-season treat: the news media sprinting after Clinton's van for no reason whatsoever. As Chez writes,

If you want a perfect illustration of the kind of absurdity that’s ahead from the media for the next 19 months, the image of a bunch of idiots chasing down something they’ve dubbed the “Scooby van” should do nicely.

Bill De Blasio Slams Hillary According To Media Desperate For Campaign Controversy


Banter's Tommy Christopher takes down an annoying right-wing non-troversy: Bill de Blasio's supposed backstabbing of Hillary Clinton in the form of a non-endorsement. As Tommy points out, he's probably just waiting for a more politically advantageous time to lend his support than right after Clinton's announcement.

It would be seen as an obligation by a crony. In setting a bar for Clinton to clear, de Blasio adds value to his eventual endorsement when he declares she’s cleared it.

Yep. More of Tommy's clever analysis past the jump.

Wait, You’re Body-Shaming Pink? Are You F*cking Crazy?

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.41.14 PM

Chez, who admits to having had a big ol' crush on Pink for years, tackles the misogynist trolls attempting to body-shame Pink for one unflattering photo of her in a black dress:

These are people, mind you, who very likely look like this and yet there they were criticizing somebody who’d probably still be able to kick the shit out of them even she added half her current weight to her frame.

Cartoonist Blames Charlie Hebdo Staff For Their Own Murders In Shameful Speech


Banter's Mike Luciano takes on a figure commonly thought of as one of modern liberalism's sacred cows: Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau, who Mike accuses of delivering the "most morally confused and cowardly examination of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris" the world has seen yet. Trudeau's recent speech upon accepting the George Polk Career Award included a passage accusing the staff of Charlie Hebdo of "hate speech" and of directly inciting the extremist violence that ended their lives and others' around the globe earlier this year.

"This is the kind of monstrous moral relativism we’ve come to expect from multicultural leftists," Mike writes, "for whom tolerance of intolerance makes a good liberal, and not say, advocating the right to draw cartoons without being murdered for it."

 White House Reporter Apologizes For Calling President Obama By Last Name At Briefing


Tommy manages to extract an apology from the conservative reporter who repeatedly refused to refer to President Obama as the president during a recent press briefing. Good work, man!