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Best of Banter: Rand Paul's Presidential Disaster, Police's Race Problem, and Rush Limbaugh's Hypocrisy

Here's the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

Here's the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

How In the Hell Is Nobody Getting Fired at Rolling Stone Over the UVA Rape Story Disaster?

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Banter's Chez Pazienza documents Rolling Stone's lackluster handling of the very serious reporting misfire in its UVA rape story, such as why no one was, well, fired:

Will Dana, Rolling Stone‘s managing editor, says the story’s breakdown reflects “both an ‘individual failure’ and ‘procedural failure, an institutional failure… Every single person at every level of this thing had opportunities to pull the strings a little harder, to question things a little more deeply, and that was not done.” Maybe a meltdown so complete is why, according to Jann Wenner, no one will be fired for this catastrophe. Nobody. None of the staffers and — unfathomably — not even Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

Limbaugh Says Democrats Hate Christian Morality After He’s Committed All 7 Deadly Sins


This is how you burn someone. Mike Luciano responds to Limbaugh's most recent rant about Christian morality and hateful, controlling liberals by thoroughly documenting all of the various sins Rush has committed, from sex vacations in the Dominican Republic to his obvious wrath and life-sized prideful oil paintings of himself. Well worth a read.

How To Kill a Thousand Black Men and Get Away With It


The video of a South Carolina cop killing 50-year-old black man Walter Scott in cold blood and doctoring the scene to look like Scott had stolen his tazer isn't just a chilling reminder that the police can get away with anything. It's a field guide to how a LEO can get away with murder.

Banter's Tommy Christopher weighs in

"But there is also despair at the unknowable number of police killings, past and future, that followed this same blueprint in the absence of video evidence. What Santana captured with his cellphone camera wasn’t just the killing of one black man, it was an instructional video on how to kill a thousand black men and get away with it. Maybe a thousand and one, maybe more."

Rand Paul’s Gaffe-Filled First 24 Hours


If you've been too busy hootin' and hollerin' over Ted Cruz's woefully inept first few days of campaign season to keep up to speed with original whacko bird Rand Paul, then Bob Cesca has just the thing to get you up to speed: a series of obvious, comical errors that would embarrass a mayoral candidate, let alone someone running to be leader of the free world. Seriously, his website had a section on "eductation." Sigh.

MEMBERS ONLY: Your Handy Guide to Presidential Candidate Rand Paul


Bob also has a handy run-down of all the other incredibly awful stuff Paul has done in his short political career. The brightest stars burn shortest, right?

Conservative White House Reporter Refuses To Call Obama ‘President’ At Briefing


What's that boy Obama think he's doin', walkin' round the White House like he owns it? Tommy Christopher reports on a conservative White House correspondent who refuses to say the word "president" when referring to the president (and notes that in his many years of reporting experience the only other person to do that was the guy who asked Jay Carney about bestiality).

Michelle Obama Rejects Special Snowflake Theory Of Parenting, Denies Daughters Are ‘Influential’


Jamie Frevele celebrates Michelle Obama's decision to raise her daughters as semi-regular people with no unearned influence instead of elitist brats:

"That’s really the best we can do, isn’t it? Teach our kids how not to be assholes? It’s not about religion or karma or anything we can’t see in front of us. It’s physics — for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, why not just teach kids to be kind, to mold them into people who don’t want to be the worst part of someone’s day?"

McDonald’s Wages Are Still Terrible Even After Its Pay Increase Stunt


I take on the Golden Arches' sinister plan to give its workers a pittance raise:

... the secret ingredient in the Big Mac’s special sauce has always been poverty-level wages. While McDonald’s might be willing to talk the talk, it is most certainly not willing to change anything really meaningful.