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Breaking: Trevor Noah Reportedy Fired As The Daily Show Host

In record time, this Noah's arc (as Daily Show host) has sunk to the bottom of an ocean of internet outrage.

Well, that was fast. Barely a day after a series of controversial tweets surfaced, The Daily Banter can exclusively report that newly-minted Daily Show host Trevor Noah has apparently been unminted. Amid a blistering inferno of internet outrage that even Patton Oswalt couldn't protect him from, Noah's tenure ended during a heated meeting of Comedy Central executives and producers, to be announced on Monday's episode of The Daily Show:

According to a source who was in the meeting, Comedy Central executives gave new Daily Show host Trevor Noah his walking papers Wednesday morning when the comic defiantly refused to apologize for a series of tweets that surfaced on the heels of his promotion.

Current Daily Show host Jon Stewart was also in the meeting, the source said, and tried to persuade Noah to repent, asking him what possessed him to make so many Jewish jokes on Twitter.

"I learned it from watching you!" Noah replied, throwing his prop yarmulke in Stewart's face and storming out of the executive suite.

Noah reacted with a quickly-deleted tweet that appears to confirm the leak:


Noah's firing leaves a vacuum in the Daily Show host chair, but Comedy Central reportedly has a plan for that:

Several staffers from the website were spotted entering the Viacom building Wednesday morning, leading to speculation that they were influential in Noah's firing. According to two sources familiar with the situation, however, the site has inked an agreement that will have a rotating panel of Salon writers take over as hosts when Stewart departs later this year.


Image courtesy of: Caleb Howe

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