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Trevor Noah Has a Problem With Atheists, Especially Christopher Hitchens

Nonbelievers won't like these tweets sent by the next 'Daily Show' host back in 2011.

It makes no difference to me that Trevor Noah will be the next host of The Daily Show. Some are saying he's too inexperienced, while others maintain that tweets he sent several years ago should disqualify him. Frankly, I'm willing to see what the guy's got.

But that's not going to prevent me from pointing out some irksome tweets that aren't getting the sort of attention his bad jokes about Jews and women have been receiving. While they're not as provocative, they'll nonetheless unsettle many atheists, especially those who are fans of the late Christopher Hitchens (which he has since deleted). To wit,

Well, the reason that might be is because the entire Judeo-Christian belief system rests on the assumption that god was the first cause who created the universe and everything in it, including Satan. In questioning god's existence, atheists ipso facto call into to question all subsequent supernatural claims, such as Satan, Jesus, the existence of an afterlife and so forth. Calling god specifically into question and not Satan and burning bushes just saves time.

Very true! Were it not for the very popular proposition, "god exists," there would be no need for a word to describe people who don't hold that proposition to be true. If someday enough people come to be convinced of the existence of chupacabras, we may very well have to fashion a word to describe people who lack belief in these cryptozoological creatures, perhaps achupacabraists.

Not quite. Hitchens actually wrote several books, but perhaps Noah's alluding to God is Not Great. Did many people, especially atheists, enjoy this book? They sure did. Do they live by it? No, because it doesn't really espouse "teachings," save for a plethora of reasons why the existence of a deity is extremely unlikely, and why religion has been a malignant force. Even then, one cannot "live by" atheist "teachings" because atheism is not a system, but merely the rejection of a deity or deities.

Also, #WeAllNeedGod? Clearly, Trevor Noah needs god. Unfortunately for him, Trevor Noah is not "we all."

Many atheists have certainly recommended Hitchens' books, yes. And with good reason. The man was a great and prolific writer. Even when I disagreed with him, as was the case with the Iraq war, his writing was never boring. And believe it or not, one way to become a sharper thinker is to expose yourself to points of view that you don't normally consider, or even despise.

Speaking of Satan, my name begins with LUC, as does Lucifer, which derives the luc from the Latin, lux, meaning 'light.' Since Noah is apparently big on the name game, I guess this means he'd consider me a more appropriate spokesman for godless heathens everywhere.

Unless tweets are truly -- and I mean truly -- awful, they shouldn't make or break someone's career, and Comedy Central should stand by Noah as its choice to replace Jon Stewart.

But these tweets definitely are a bummer.

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