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Bill Maher Defends Common Sense By Telling PC Liberals, 'Shut the F*ck Up'

Politically correct liberals get another epic tongue-lashing from Bill Maher.

Few things are more enjoyable to listen to than Bill Maher going demolition derby on the Left's PC fringe, and on Friday's Real Time he delivered once again. Saving his final "New Rule" for the liberals who give liberalism a bad name, Maher tore into "deeply stupid" liberals and, as an added bonus, told Media Matters to "shut the fuck up."

[W]e joke about everybody here, and that's something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do. For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks...

We liberals always talk about how the Right needs to rein in its crazies, but the Left has some crazy-reining in to do too. And lest you think I'm creating a false equivalency, I'm not. Because on the Right, unlike the Left, they have actually managed to carve out a place for their crazies. Unfortunately that place is elected government -- all the more reason not to drive people into their arms with crazy political correctness.

For example, The Economist last week drew the wrath of the liberal website Media Matters, who said that their jalapeno flag cover was the sort of stereotype that ignores Latinos as a multifaceted community and relegates them to chili pepper-consuming constituents.

Hey, Media Matters, can I say one thing to you? Shut the fuckup. No Hispanic looked at this cover and said, "I've been wronged!" They looked at it and said, "Mm yum. Jalapenos."...

How deeply stupid has the far Left become when gay designers can't get along with gay musicians? When vegans attack vegetarians for not being pure enough? I've seen this. "Cheese-eater! Burn him!" I see agnostics and atheists bitching at each other. Why is this even a thing? Do you believe in a talking snake? Me neither. We're on the same team!

At Mount Holyoke [College] this year, they canceled a production of The Vagina Monologues because they said it offended the transgendered by offering "an extremely narrow perspective on what if means to be a woman."  Yes, we forgot all about the 0.3% of women who don't have vaginas but still want a monologue. I'm sorry. I love the transgendered, but if you're transgendered and you can't handle The Vagina Monologues, you don't need a vagina. You're already a giant pussy.

Maher's fantastic rant highlights an ongoing and intensifying fight within the Left. While most liberals have traditionally prided themselves on the principles of intellectualism and the unfettered exchange of ideas, PC liberals are intellectual impostors who are actually deeply anti-intellectual because they consider feelings to be of paramount importance. This has led them to be astoundingly intolerant of any ideas that have the potential to invade an aggrieved person's or group's "safe space."

Many universities in the West are insidiously becoming fiefdoms lorded over by this PC zeitgeist. Some on the Left seem to believe that if only they can get everyone to adopt their Elysian rhetoric without exception, this will somehow translate into substantive change on the ground. Nothing can be further from reality.

It's true that language can be a powerful tool at the disposal of would-be policymakers and revolutionaries, but to have any real resonance it must strike chords already present in a broad cross-section of the population. That's how change is effected, not by appealing to a narrow slice of individual sensitivities. Unfortunately for the PC Left, they're playing all the wrong notes.

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