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That Story About Hillary Clinton Not Signing a State Department Exit Form is Utter Horsesh*t

Is it me, or are the Emailghazi people looking a lot like Hemingway's Old Man in the Sea?
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Hillary Clinton conspiracy theorists throughout political Twitter are hard as rocks today following the latest twist in the increasingly ridiculous "Emailghazi" non-scandal. The Politico headline: "State: No record Hillary Clinton signed exit form." Yes, it's come down to an OF-109 form and whether Clinton signed it when she stepped down as Secretary of State.

Excuse me. [yawns]

Republicans and Clinton-bashers have suggested that if she signed the form, which verifies that outgoing employees turned over all official documents to State, she actually committed a felony because she didn't turn over her official emails until last year. Cue Dr. Evil fanfare.

The State Department's Jen Psaki, however, told reporters on Tuesday that State has no record of Clinton's OF-109 -- in other words, she probably didn't sign the form, which has naturally led Clinton critics to surmise that she deliberately didn't sign it because she was absconding off with all of those emails (clearly in a plot to cover-up something, something Benghazi).

Of course, if we scroll down the article we find this:

Psaki said there also is no record of the form being completed by Clinton’s two most recent predecessors, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.


“It’s not clear that this form is used as a part of a standard part of checkout across the federal government or even at the State Department,” she said. “We’re looking into how standard this is across the federal government and certainly at the State Department... I don’t want to characterize how common practice it is.”

So, in other words, the last three secretaries didn't sign the form, and State is unsure it ever uses the form in the first place.

Is it me, or are the Emailghazi people looking a lot like Hemingway's Old Man in the Sea? They thought they had a juicy scandal that could sink the Clinton campaign, and almost from the beginning, the story rapidly disintegrated to the point where critics are demanding a form. "Show us the OF-109!" doesn't quite have the pizzazz of "Show us the Birth Certificate!" But the conspiracy theories surrounding this Clinton story are giving the birth certificate scandal a run for its money.