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Meet the New Twitter Celebrities Obama Just Made Famous On Jimmy Kimmel

And these weren't even the meanest tweets that some of these now Twitter-famous wingnuts have sent.

On Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Obama treated viewers to an all-Obama edition of Kimmel's trademark "Mean Tweets" segment, and instantly created a handful of Twitter-famous presidential trolls. They made fun of his gray hair, his golfing habit, his jeans, his handling of the malt beverage industry, and one of them even got a laugh out of him:

All in all, they weren't the meanest (or most original) tweets ever sent, but thanks to Obama and Kimmel, these folks are the toast of Twitter today. But you can't always judge a book by its cover, so before conservatives rush to follow them, or liberals rush to hate-tweet them, here's a handy guide to President Obama's mean-tweeters:

1)@carold501 - Hailing from southern Mississippi, this gracious granny  observed that the president's hair is getting grayer, even though he "doesn't seem to be one bit worried about all that's going on," but lest you think she's superficial, Carol has some deep thoughts. For example, this rock-solid case against white racism:

On the president's mixed-race heritage, she even corrected someone who called him an "ARAB/half-white mulatto," so that was nice:

She also riffed on how hard it is out there for a white:

And how Obama wants to enslave white people:

Carol insists she's not racist, as evidenced by how quickly she cut down another Twitter user who called Attorney General Eric Holder a "sniveling spook crybaby":

But in case you're still getting the false impression that Carol's a racist, keep in mind that she really likes how at least one of them sings:

2)@RWSurfergirl - This delightful Twitter denizen is the one who wanted to drop Obama off at a golf course and leave him there. Being lost on a golf course would be a good day for Obama in RWSurfergirl's head, though, because for some (completely non-racist) reason, she thinks he can't swim (tell that to CNN), and hopes he drowns:

Not to be outdone by Carold501, she also gets on his hair, and for some (completely non-racist) reason, compares him to Buckwheat:

There's lots of other great stuff, like how the "black community should change their name to ISIS," but the best has to be her wish that President Obama get beheaded:

Again, though, not a racist.

3)@CampaignRPoz - Also known as Eric Matthews, he blames Obama for the high price of Coors Light, but he'd probably be better off drinking Obama's cheap gasoline. Sorry, conservatives, he doesn't tweet much about politics, but he does say "bitches" and "fags" a lot. He's also not pro-Israel, unless he's just "negging" Israel as part of his game:

4)@theautho - Not a very prolific tweeter, but did offer the President some "lifehacks" on "how to be good at president," which obviously wouldn't include how to upload a profile pic. Alas, his 101 tweets consist mostly of cryptic jests, an extended grammar feud, and comparing libertarians to Hitler. Actually, I think I like this guy. Anyone who can troll Chuck Johnson like this can't be all bad:

5)@TPPratt- He's the one who got on POTUS about his jeans, and who is obviously now fielding Direct Messages from 2009, demanding their reference back. He's not a conservative either, and he's also the only one of these Twitter superstars to follow The Daily Banter's Tommy Christopher, which means he at least has good taste. He also thinks Bill Maher is a "fuckhead":

So far, the president's act hasn't blown up anyone's Twitter follower count, although the one who wants Obama beheaded already had over half a million followers. Apparently, there was already a market out there for Mean Obama Tweets.