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You'll Never Guess Who Fox News Is Blaming For Shooting Of Cops In Ferguson

Twp police officers were shot Thursday morning in Ferguson, and while the suspects are still at large, Fox News' Outnumbered detective squad is on the case.

Following Wednesday's resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, and as a peaceful demonstration at thr Ferguson police station wound down in the early morning hours Thursday, two police officers were shot and severely wounded in what St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar called aan "ambush."

Although the suspect or suspects are still at large, the denizens of Fox News' Outnumbered have Scooby-Dooed their way to a solution in the case. As Media Matters flagged on Thursday, the gang fixed the blame where it really belongs, and are currently seeking two black males who have reportedly been spotted in Washington, DC recently. You can see the full segment at Media Matters, but I've compiled some highlights.

While it's Lou Dobbs and Andrea Tantaros who do the heavy lifting, The Newsy One, Harris Lacewell, gets things off on the right foot by noting that "what is going on here in Ferguson, Missouri, is not happening in a vacuum," and if it sounds like she's about to contextualize the shooting with the years of racially biased policing that have recently been revealed, you're only half-right. It's not the racist policing that adds context, it's the fact that the Department of Justice uncovered the racist policing. Again, while Dobbs does most of the work, it's Lacewell who really sticks the dismount:

Dobbs: "Plainly there are some forces at work here, so many people who deserve considerable blame for fomenting an environment like this in which this could occur. Chief among those, in my opinion, are the President of the United States and the Attorney General..."

Lacewell: "I mentioned the dismantling potential, that Holder said he was prepared to do that with the police department, and you wonder if that played a role, you knew you would have recurring protests and people showing up thinking there won't be as many police."

Yes, Dobbs is batshit, but Lacewell is saying that the shooter/shooters showed up because they are news junkies enough to know that Holer has mentioned the possibility of dismantling the Ferguson Police, yet uninformed enough to think it had already happened. So, they're Fox News viewers?

The segment continued with Dobbs repeatedly saying he blames the President and AG Holder, including correcting Kirsten Powers that he doesn't blame Obama "solely," but that "what I said chief among those I believe who deserve blame are the attorney general and president," and then pouting when Kennedy interrupted his deep, historical appreciation of the problems in Ferguson that started when NObama stuck his nose in there, with a priceless assist from Andrea Tantaros:

Tantaros: "They have taken this country years in terms of race relations."

Funny that she chose 50 years, because I was just saying how the Ferguson Police are the spiritual heirs to Edmund Pettus, the despicable racist traitor for whom a bridge in Selma is named, a bridge upon which people like John Lewis flamed racial tensions by letting their blood be spilled by cops and citizens in full view of cameras.

As it happens, though, I don't think it's useful or fair to blame these shootings on the revelation of years of abuse by Ferguson cops, because people in Ferguson didn't need a report to be angry at the cops, and being angry at the cops is no excuse for trying to murder them.

On Thursday afternoon, AG Holder addressed the shootings with more of the patented denigration and fomenting and "flaming" that he used to cause the shootings in the first place:

"Seeing this attack last night really kind of turned my stomach because in the last week, since the Justice Department released its pattern and practice report on Ferguson, I thought we'd begun to see really important signs of progress. There were good-faith steps being taken within the city's leadership to move in a new, more cooperative direction that I think is beneficial to law enforcement and to community residents."

"This was not someone trying to bring healing to Ferguson. This was a punk who was trying to sow discord in an area that's trying to get its act together and bring together a community that has been fractured for too long. This really disgusting and cowardly attack might have been intended to unravel any sense of progress that exists, but I hope that that does not, in fact, happen."

Yeah, I haven't heard anything that militant since Clay Aiken's last Grammy acceptance speech.

I don't know what these Fox News hosts really think, but I know that they are playing to an audience that would have felt the same way about Selma in 1965 as they do about Ferguson today: they were more comfortable not knowing what was making those other people upset.