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7 Possible Replacements For Jon Stewart At 'The Daily Show'

Seven replacements who could, maybe, possible, kind of, fill Jon Stewart's chair.

Since we're only just getting the news that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, we thought it might be fun to speculate on who would be worthy enough to fill those very big shoes and take over as host. Below are seven people that we thought could do a pretty kickass job -- or we'd just like to see them sitting at that fancy desk.

1. Samantha Bee

sambee580 gif

The Most Senior Correspondent at TDS, Bee has proven herself to be a great interviewer and could be just as effective as John Oliver has been at his own show.

2. John Fugelsang


Get this man out of cable obscurity and into the mainstream where he belongs.

3. Jason Jones


Not by himself, but as his wife Samantha Bee's co-anchor. He's filled in for Stewart in the past and did great, but what could be better than two of the funniest people on TV running this gig?

4. Chelsea Handler


She can interview, she's an established standup and late-night host, she's smart, she's politically aware... she's also polarizing. Very polarizing. And she might be too busy revolutionizing streaming video.

5. Michael Che


As a joke. He was a writer for TDS who left for Saturday Night Live, then came back to be a correspondent for five minutes (more like three months) on TDS, then went back to SNL to do Weekend Update.

6. Stephanie Miller


From Bob: “Stephanie is not only hilarious and great at improv, but she’s experienced in hosting late night television; she’s a fantastic interviewer; and she’s deeply ensconced in politics, with an unflinching immunity to its soul-crushing side effects. More than anything else, Stephanie is a true broadcaster – a quality lacking in too many television hosts.”

7. Joel McHale

Joel McHale

Come on, Joel McHale would kick inordinate amounts of ass. He's perfect. Let him snark on the real news instead of shitty reality shows.

Dishonorable mention


I'm just saying... I can read a teleprompter.