Even Liberals Can Give Fox News Credit For This Segment

This segment is hilarious regardless of whether you're liberal or conservative.

You might want to sit down for this one, but Fox News aired a hilarious segment that was actually intended to be hilarious, as opposed to anything that occurs, say, on Outnumbered or The Five. On Tuesday's Red Eye (which airs at 3 a.m.), co-host Greg Gutfeld led a segment satirizing cable news' obsession with panels that often emphasize the quantity of talking heads far more than the quality of them.

After describing the Federal Reserve's proposal to increase capital requirements for the nation's largest banks, Gutfeld proceeded to introduce a four-person panel, which turned into an eight-person panel, then a 12-person panel, before finally morphing into a four-by-four megabox of 16 talking heads:

Well, the talking heads weren't actually talking, since each square was just playing loops of b-roll footage of previous Fox News interviews. By the time Gutfeld finished the introductions, the segment was out of time.

While liberals certainly don't much care for Gutfeld and the rest of the Red Eye crew, I'm certainly more than willing to give credit where credit is due. This was funny stuff. And the idea of including Nicholas Cage in a panel discussion about Federal Reserve regulations might've been even funnier than the premise of a 16-person panel, but I'll just report, and you decide.

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