McDonald's Employee Has The Meltdown Of the Year

Would you like a freakout with that?

It's only February 9, but the gauntlet has already been thrown down in dramatic fashion for The 2015 Meltdown of the Year. This year's front-runner is a former (I assume) employee at a St. Paul, Minn. McDonald's who apparently didn't like the way he had been treated been treated by the franchise, which is notorious for its skimpy McWages.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on February 8, is only safe for work if you're in a longshoreman's union:

McDonald's will have a new CEO soon, but the company's board may want to given a hard look at this guy before that becomes official. Clearly, this is man's a go-getter and not afraid to shake things up, which is exactly what McDonald's needs as it tries to reverse a falling stock price and weak sales.

While this meltdown was pretty impressive, like everything on the internet these days it reminded me of something I'd already seen before:

McDonald's: let's burn this mothafucka down.

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