Larry King Tweeted His Most Bizarre Series of Random Observations Ever

I hereby nominate Larry King to be the Mayor of Twitter.

I'm utterly fascinated by Larry King. Whether it's the infamous recording of a drunken and exhausted Larry instructing a journalism student about what he values in a young M.D., or Larry's recent confession that he wants to be cryogenically frozen so he can live forever, or his insatiable love of Duke Zeibert's crab cakes, he's an enigma wrapped inside a goofy riddle. And nothing quite underscores is weird greatness more than his "My Two Cents" observations. Originating in Larry's old USA Today column, "My Two Cents" has since migrated to Twitter, where the 140 character limit is perfectly designed for his blurbs about whatever pops into his head.

Last night, Larry did it again. In the middle of the night, Larry jumped in with what could be his most classic and random "My Two Cents" run ever. Here are some highlights, and I recommend reading these while imagining Larry reciting them:

(I think he meant, "I thought the Oscar show tonight was terrific.")


And, really, who doesn't?

Except chunky peanut butter, of course.

I hereby nominate Larry King to be the Mayor of Twitter. No one posts better nonsense than Larry.