White House Reacts To Chris Christie's 'Shut Up' Comments at CPAC

Our intrepid White House reporter got hot, fresh reaction from the White House to Chris Christie's CPAC swipe at the administration.

One of the many ways in which New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidick Chris Christie set tongues wagging at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was to try and obscure his RINO stripes with the tough-guy act that's wearing thinner than a politician who just had lap band surgery. Moderator Laura Ingraham was quizzing Christie about his brusque ways and trademark "sit down and shut up," and he decided to throw a little shade the White House's way:


"Sometimes, people need to be told to sit down and shut up. And you know, quite frankly, Laura, some of that stuff should be happening in Washington, D.C., because there's so much ridiculous stuff been spewed, especially out of the White House, someone should say it's time to shut up."

As it happens, this little bit of dick-waving came across my Twitter feed as I was sitting in Thursday's White House daily briefing. I relayed the Guv's comments to Press Secretary Josh Earnest, and asked if the White House had any reaction, and what ever happened to the Chris Christie who used to toss footballs with the President on the boardwalk. Here's his response, followed by my transcript of what Earnest wanted to say:


"Fuck that guy."

Seriously, it seems like any Republican with access to a microphone thinks that slamming the President is their own personal Viagra stockpile. Rudy, Chris, Scott, this hardon has lasted six years, it's time to call your doctor.