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Rand Paul Provides Dumbest Blue Print Ever to Beat Hillary in 2016

The scandal that clearly wasn't a scandal will apparently provide enough ammunition to take down the Democratic front runner for the 2016 Presidential election. Welcome to the world of Rand Paul...

The biggest mistake Hillary Clinton made, and I think this will be an albatross over her neck for the rest of the campaign — I don’t think she’ll be able to overcome this — is that when she was asked to provide security for Benghazi, she didn’t do it.

- Rand Paul speaking to Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric on Wednesday

So now we know what issue the Republican candidates will be using against Hillary Clinton should she win the Democratic primaries.

Yes folks, the scandal that clearly wasn't a scandal will apparently provide enough ammunition to take down the Democratic front runner for the 2016 Presidential election. Paul has long been a critic of Clinton's over her apparent botching of Benghazi - a scandal that even Republicans have urged their party to move on from, and was conclusively debunked by the Republican led House Intelligence Committee.  However, Paul now says that the issue "preclude[s] her from even being considered for the higher office.”

Why does Paul think this will be Clinton's undoing? There are two possible scenarios here:

1. Rand Paul honestly can't think anything legitimate to go after Clinton, so he's sticking with a fake scandal he believes he can milk.

2. Rand Paul really believes Benghazi was a scandal and honestly thinks the public will judge Clinton on it.

Either way, it proves conclusively that Rand Paul is not equipped to be President, or even run a competent campaign. It's such a blatant telegraph that Democratic strategists must be licking their lips with the prospect of Paul or any other GOP candidates using it as their trump card to take down Clinton.

Because if any of the viable GOP candidates thinks that Benghazi precludes Clinton from running, it proves nothing other than just how badly out of touch with reality they are. The American public lost interest in Benghazi long ago, and any Republican who attempts to use it will be subjected to a lengthy campaign of ridicule.

For reference, here's what the Republican Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers and the committee's top Democrat, Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger said in a statement about the extensive report on Benghazi:

For over two years, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence exhaustively investigated the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi Libya. We spent thousands of hours asking questions, poring over documents, reviewing intelligence assessments, reading cables and emails, and held a total of 20 Committee events and hearings. We conducted detailed interviews with senior intelligence officials from Benghazi and Tripoli as well as eight security personnel on the ground in Benghazi that night. Based on the testimony and the documents we reviewed, we concluded that all the CIA officers in Benghazi were heroes. Their actions saved lives.

The investigation found no wrong doing on the part of the Obama administration, Susan Rice, or Hillary Clinton.

But of course that actually means they covered it up.