Dinesh D'Souza Comes To America, Breaks Our Laws, Calls Our President 'Boy' and Says Liberals Are Bad Americans

Dinesh D'Souza's D'ouchebaggery knows no bounds.

Among his many accomplishments after immigrating to the United States from India, Dinesh D'Souza has very publicly outed several gay people who weren't prepared to be outed, impugned the patriotism of liberals including an American World War II hero, broke federal campaign finance law, allegedly kicked his (now ex-) wife in the head, railed against law-breaking immigrants, and racistly called the nation's first black president "boy."


D'Souza tweeted a clarification of sorts, which did clarify one thing: He's still racist.

The entire sorry career of this nerdy-looking pencil-necked foreigner is one desperately outlandish attempt to prove to all the cool, patriotic kids that he's a cool, patriotic kid, too, while making some serious dough along the way. Hence the overcompensating for his status as a nonwhite immigrant in a conservative movement whose policies and rhetoric are friendly to neither nonwhites nor immigrants.

It's therefore no surprise that those who undermine the U.S., according to the Christian D'Souza, are almost never white male Christians. In D'Souza's latest film, America, the four most prominent villains are Obama, Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky, and Howard Zinn -- a black man, a woman, and two dead Jews. D'Souza has specifically said that Hillary is not like Bill, a white male Christian, and the director of America claimed to The Daily Banter that Obama is actually more liberal than conservatives' archvillain Franklin Roosevelt, a white male Christian. Furthermore, D'Souza has even defendedcolonialism, including the colonization of his native India, saying it "had gotten a bad name," and declared, "Two cheers for colonialism!" He might as well have added, "And the white man's burden."

To put D'Souza's shtick into perspective, it'd be like me moving to India, throwing my lot in with the Hindu nationalists, breaking Indian campaign finance laws, possibly kicking my wife in the head, blasting a prominent Indian politician by using racist language -- and all while denouncing Indian liberals for being insufficiently pro-Indian and possibly hating India.

So when, as we learned this week, a guy like Rudy Giuliani says that Obama doesn't love America, he was taking a page right out of D'Souza's rhetorical playbook. As a Democrat and the nation's first black president, Republicans are constantly trying to depict Obama as an exotic, possibly Kenyan-born, possibly Muslim, unknown quantity. While the level of this "Other-ization" has often reached abhorrent heights, D'Souza has taken it to new and absurd ones, now complete with overt racism in a pathetic effort to fit in among his lily-white conservative pals.

Either that, or he's just a douchebag.

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