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Best Of Banter: The U.S. Can't Fix Iraq, Ben Carson Likes War Crimes, and Chuck C. Johnson Is Still a Terrible Person

Here's the week that was at The Daily Banter.
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Here's the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

MEMBERS ONLY: My Personal Obamacare “Horror Story”

Barack Obama

Bob Cesca's "horrific" experience dealing with the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act isn't so much an Obamacare nightmare so much as a cautionary tale about the ruthless incompetence of the health insurance industry as a whole, but it is also a telling look at the kind of bind the average American citizen can still find themselves in while attempting to get covered.

At the end of the day, Obamacare let Bob get health insurance he otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford, but getting there was a hell of a hassle.

Devout Christian Dr. Ben Carson Comes Out in Favor Of War Crimes


Nine out of ten doctors disapprove of war crimes. The tenth doctor is former neurosurgeon and prominent black Republican Dr. Ben Carson, who recently came out against all those "politically correct" rules prohibiting U.S. forces from torturing, carpet-bombing and roasting alive Islamic State militants and winning the war in the Middle East for Jesus.

I thought it would be fun to compare Carson's newly minted support of war crimes to his prior invocations of Christian belief. Did you know just a few years ago when no one was seriously considering him for president, he thought invading Iraq was a bad idea?

MEMBERS ONLY: The U.S. Broke Iraq and Now It Can’t Fix it


Banter editor-in-chief Ben Cohen has a pretty thorough rundown as to why injecting U.S. ground troops back into the fight against Islamic State is a pretty bad idea, including the fact that most of the war hawks backing boots on the ground against Islamic State are more interested in furthering American interests like deposing Assad. As Ben notes, it's this kind of cowboy thinking that helped destabilize Iraq and create Islamic State in the first place:

"ISIS is certainly a grave threat to the Middle East, but so is American stupidity. We can’t stop ISIS chopping people’s heads off on, but we can stop being stupid. So let’s at least start with that."

There’s Another Anti-Gay State Law That’s About to Pass and It’s Utterly Baffling in Every Way


Arkansas's new anti-gay bill banning local and county-level anti-discrimination ordinances really is a head-scratcher. Not only did Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson essentially attempt to pretend that not officially signing the bill was somehow striking a middle ground, but the economic costs of such discrimination are estimated in the billions.

Bob writes that for people who claim to respect the will of local authority and despise big government, Arkansas Republicans in the legislature and governor's office seem "more interested in gay-bashing than robust economic growth and successful, healthy businesses." Wonder why that is!

Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Wants His Sources to Pay a Fee for Submitting News Tips


Chuck C. Johnson has found an interesting way to avoid doing any work at all: demanding that fans and trolls looking to submit "tips" to him through his website (I heard Bill Clinton killed a hooker! A friend of a cousin knew her) actually pay him for the luxury of doing so. As Bob notes, Johnson clearly doesn't understand what he's doing here other than finding a fun new way to grift his fans:

"If Johnson had any clue about how journalism works, and he doesn’t, he’d understand that it’s the job of a journalist to weed out the false claims. You don’t charge 99-cents to prevent false claims, you actually use something called “judgment” to determine what’s real and what’s bullshit. By the way, there will still be bullshit submitted through the portal, and Johnson will keep the fees for the bullshit tips, too."

Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz Need to Take a F*cking Pill


What is going on with Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz? Tommy Christopher examines just why these two ostensible liberals are bursting at the crotch to unleash U.S. ground forces against Islamic State, despite innumerable reasons for caution and concern about a reactionary American response. Keep your pants on, gentlemen.