Obama's BuzzFeed Video Is So Much Win, But Dumb Conservatives Think It's WTF

President Obama made the most brilliant PSA ever for the Obamacare enrollment deadline, and right-wingers are sooo mad.

On Thursday morning, BuzzFeed released a video (posted in full at the bottom) that featured President Obama promoting the February 15 Affordable Care Act enrollment deadline in self-deprecating vignettes that featured, among other things, the use of the zeitgeist-tapping selfie stick. It's that little detail that's getting the most attention, and making the video a smash viral sensation, but for my money, this is the most epically winning part of the clip, which I will be using frequently from now on:


"Thanks, Obama!"

The full video is more cutesy than anything else, but by harnessing BuzzFeed's cultural wind in its sails and throwing in those buzzy cultural touchstones, President Obama has created what might be the most effective PSA in history. That is, after all, what this clip is: a reminder to Americans that they've only got a few days left to enroll in health insurance to avoid tax penalties, and it will certainly do that job.

Conservatives, to varying degrees, are losing their shit over the video, alternately not getting the joke and being outraged that Obama would do anything so frivolous while there are problems in the world. William Kristol. for example, retweeted this characteristic sentiment:

Michelle Malkin shockingly concurs:

Then, there's conservative thought leader Charlie Cooke, who correctly identifies the threat to freedom that is BuzzFeed:

Kinda makes me wonder what ungodly Faustian bargain was struck in order to push the "VD gets around" party line back in the 70s. Like it or not, the video is providing a public service because, and this is key, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. It's also kicking ass, which is probably why conservatives are focusing on the selfie stick, and not the actual subject of the video. It hasn't killed jobs, and it has exceeded every expectation, and if the Supreme Court has a lick of sense, will continue to do so. All that's left for them is to make fun of a guy who's making fun of himself for using a selfie stick, while ignoring the fact that he's also burning them to a crisp for blaming him for everything.



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