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We're Banning This Word From the Comments Section Starting Immediately

This has been a long time coming.

Although The Daily Banter is malware-free, there is nonetheless a virus that affects the comments section of every few posts on this site. While the rate of contraction is hardly at pandemic levels, when the virus does strike it is an invasive and wretched thing, incurably damaging the threads where it has decided to incubate and spread until conversation is muddled in a mucus of incoherence. That is why starting right now, we are banning the word "dudebro" and any of its derivations from the comments section.

According to that great authority on definitions of words that aren't really words, Urban Dictionary, "dudebro" refers to:

White suburban males, usually 16-25 years of age, hailing from anywhere, USA. Characterized by their love of College football, pickup trucks/SUVs, beer,cut off khaki cargo shorts, light pink polo brand shirts (with collar "popped"), abercrombie & fitch, hollister gear, and trucker hats. Favorite bands include, but are not limited to, O.A.R., Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Avengened Sevenfold, The Fray, and often crappy radio rap (i.e. Nelly, Dem Franchize Boyz, D4L, etc.). Dude bro's are incredibly insecure in their manhood, which makes them: insanely jealous of their girl friends, overly macho, and laughably homophobic. currently, there is no cure for being a dude bro.

We here at Banter do not engage in any of the aforementioned activities (save for beer), nor do we really write about people who do. Yet "dudebro" has inexplicably found its way into far too many comments threads where it has no business being, used in a manner designed to curry favor with other commenters who also hate dudebros, however defined.

Make no mistake: We despise dudebros. But we also despise using a word with wanton abandon to describe anyone we don't like, which is what this word has become on our threads. Furthermore, despite the exactitude of the above definition, the meaning of this word is far from universally understood or even agreed upon. For all intents and purposes, "dudebro" has become a stand-in word for a male -- whether a real person or a hypothetical one -- the user loathes.

Which is fine. Far be it from us to tell our commenters they can't use "dudebro," but they will not use that word on this site. Starting now, if you write a comment that contains the word "dudebro" or any of its derivations -- dudebros, dudebroed, dudebroism, dudebroery, dudebrodom, etc. -- your comment will be deleted without warning or remorse.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.