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Ted Nugent Still Thinks Obama is a "Subhuman Mongrel"

One year later, he not only stands by the insult, but said in an interview that it was "too delicate."
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It was almost exactly one year ago that aging rock star and NRA board member Ted Nugent called President Obama a "subhuman mongrel" while attending the annual SHOT gun show. A year later, he not only stands by the insult, but said in an interview that it was "too delicate."

During the Q&A with, Nugent was asked about the remark and insisted that he wouldn't repeat the words "subhuman mongrel," but then proceeded to repeat the slur at least three times.

Nugent began by saying, "I have been in the close-quarter combat of the culture war since the 1960s." So, not only does he play dress 'em up in military colors, but he loves to pretend he's waging a battle, even though he famously dodged the Vietnam-era draft when his number came up.

But this was the key line from the video:

I think if a person creates an environment where sheeple can be led to gas chambers, I don't think the term subhuman mongrel is too outrageous.

I'm fairly sure he just referred to the victims of the Holocaust as "sheeple," which almost overshadows the fact that he said his description of the president wasn't "too outrageous." Either that or he seriously believes Obama plans to march "sheeple" into gas chambers, Hitler-style, which case he still trampled Godwin's Law. Anyway, it definitely managed to overshadow what came next:

...the insanity and the abuse of power, the runaway corruption deceit and dishonesty coming out of Barack Obama and Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the left, they really believe that they can take our tax dollars and hire machine gun-toting security guards while dictating unarmed helplessness to their employers. Can you think of a word that could be offensive enough to describe someone who takes your money to hire security people while passing laws denying you the right to be secure? So subhuman mongrel was probably much too delicate.

I'm curious to know what bills have been passed into law recently that force American citizens to be unarmed. I can't name a single one in all of American history because there hasn't been. Even the short-lived assault weapon ban didn't forbid owning other firearms. No wonder Nugent and his crackpot buddies are so pissed off all the time -- despite owning dozens of firearms himself, he believes Obama/Reid/Pelosi have passed laws that left him unarmed. I suppose if I was that clueless, I might be angry about nonexistent laws, too.

By the way, Nugent also referred to Obama as a "chimpanzee" during his subhuman mongrel rant back in January 2014. I'm not sure what "chimpanzee" has to do with allegedly taking his guns (which hasn't happened). Of course, it has nothing to do with it. Nugent is an old crank and clearly a bigot. And "bigot" is probably too delicate.

Strangely enough, Nugent is valuable to the gun control movement. He provides a clear window into the real life mindset of a far-right gun zealot, and whenever he opens his whistly-toothed yap, he reveals the deep flaws in the reasoning of that crowd. However, with so many obvious gaps and such a high degree of ignorance, it's astonishing that the gun control movement can't seem to win a damn thing.