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Whoops! Lucille Clerc, Not Banksy, Drew That Awesome Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

About that "Banksy" cartoon.....

One of the best cartoons to come out in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo was the one you see above: a pencil that is broken and then sharpened to form two more pencils that are ready to keep drawing as opposed to staying broken. It's symbolic of the resolve of every artist and writer who use their talents to speak the truth, even and especially when the truth is uncomfortable and controversial. Out of all the excellent Charlie Hebdo responses by the world's political cartoonists, this one was exceptionally pitch-perfect and it made the social media rounds quickly.

But no one seemed to know who drew it. It was posted on a fake Instagram account using Banksy's name, but everyone knew it was fake. For good measure, Banksy's rep confirmed that it wasn't the street artist's drawing. Still, it was spread throughout Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere known only as the "Banksy/Not-Banksy" cartoon.

"Not-Banksy" has a name: Lucille Clerc. The London-based illustrator posted her original response to the Charlie Hebdo attack the day it happened:

There. This should come in handy if correcting all your dumb friends on Facebook who are sharing this "Banksy/Not-Banksy" image helps you feel a little better while the world burns and bleeds.