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5 Year Old Shoots Baby Brother Dead Because Guns Are Awesome

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The Daily Banter's '[INSERT NAME] Shoots  [INSERT NAME(S)] Because Guns Are Awesome' series covers the unfathomable tragedy wrought upon on every day Americans because of their love of guns. Not exactly heartwarming stuff.

So why do we do this? This simple answer is that we feel Americans need to be confronted about the unnecessary death caused by gun ownership on a regular basis in the hope that one day, enough people will conclude that having the right to own and carry firearms is pretty goddamn stupid. It's a long shot, but hopefully better than doing nothing.

In today's edition of the bleak series, we're covering the horrendously sad story of a 9-month-old baby boy who was accidentally killed by his 5-year-old brother in Missouri on Monday. The elder brother accidentally shot the baby in the head after finding his grandfather's .22-caliber magnum revolver on a shelf that was apparently built into the headboard in the master bedroom. Reported the Washington Post:

The baby was in a crib in the same room when the gun went off, and a bullet struck him in the head.

“It was just lying out,” White said of the gun. “Little kids are curious. It was in the headboard of the bed, and he found it.”

The children, their mother and two other siblings were reportedly staying in their grandfather’s home in Elmo, Mo., according to a neighbor. White said on Tuesday that it is still unclear whether they lived in the home or were visiting.

The mother, Alexis Widerholt, was in the kitchen when she heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot, according to White. She went into the living room where she found three of her four children — including the 5-year-old boy. Another child was playing with a paintball gun.

Her fourth child, the nine-month-old boy, was inside the master bedroom.

The story is so tragic that the only way to process it is to tell yourself that it's just another news story along with the thousands of other sad stories we're bombarded with in the media on a daily basis. The family are just images on a TV screen - we don't know them, or people like them.  a.

The problem is, the family is real and there are millions of other armed families in America who leave deadly weapons around small children. The Missouri family is now confronted with not only a dead baby, but a 5 year old who knows he is responsible for killing his own brother. Two lives destroyed because the family thought it was OK to leave loaded guns around the house.  Echoing the mindset of the 'guns don't kill people, people do' garbage gun lovers tell themselves to make themselves feel better about the insane number of gun deaths in America, neighbor Jessica Hutchison told local CBS affiliate KCTV:

You know, just some gun safety could have come into play, and would have maybe, you know prevented the situation, but it’s just really sad, altogether.

'Just some gun safety could have come into play'. You don't fucking say.

Guns, aren't they awesome?

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