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Angry Old John McCain Throws Those "Low-Life Scum" Hippies Off His Lawn

If you missed Vietnam, you could see it reenacted on Capitol Hill Thursday afternoon.
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You know those Civil War reenactments where everybody dresses up and pretends to fight the Battle of Fresno or whatever? Well, today lawmakers and guests on Capitol Hill were given a real surprise treat as Code Pink and Arizona Sen. John McCain apparently joined forces to reenact the Vietnam war as it played out here in the U.S. homeland nearly 50 years ago.

It happened during a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee this afternoon, when Henry Kissinger -- who through some form of Satanic aegis is still alive at the age of 132 -- arrived for an appearance along with other former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and George Shultz. That's when the Code Pink protesters swarmed him, shouting and chanting, "Arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes!" They carried signs that recalled past Kissinger controversies from decades ago and claimed to be there "in the name of the people of Chile, Vietnam, East Timur, Cambodia and Laos."

This alone would have been an incredibly exciting event for any kids who happened to be in the audience, witnessing history from almost a half-century ago come to life right before their eyes. But then 78-year-old former Vietnam POW John McCain stepped up to really take the reenactment to the next level and give everyone a true glimpse into the past.

As the Code Pink "Hippies" angrily but fruitlessly shouted their taunts at Kissinger and their demands for peace and justice, McCain assumed the role of "The Man" and struck back at them, threatening to have them arrested before -- in a dazzling ad-lib that brought the crowd to its feet -- growling, "Get out of here, you low-life scum!"

It just sends chills up your spine to see such dedication to honoring America's past.

Make sure to get your tickets for next week, when Dick Durbin and a couple of congressional pages reenact the 1943 invention of the Slinky.