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30 Year-Old "Man" Allegedly Kills Millionaire Father Over Decreased Allowance

Sometimes, privilege really does seem to kill.

One of the few downsides about living in New York City is the number of entitled old money douchebags smattered throughout it. This isn't to claim that everyone with loaded families are all insufferable jackwankers, but let's just say there are way too many people here who were born on third base and think they hit a triple.

It appears that one of these Gotham scions is Thomas Gilbert, Jr., who, if the New York City Police Department is correct, is an entitled douche of unprecedented sociopathic proportions. According to police, Gilbert, 30, shot and killed his father, Thomas Gilbert, Sr., 70 -- the wealthy manager of a hedge fund called Wainscott Capital Partners -- at the latter's home in Turtle Bay on Sunday afternoon. The elder Gilbert had threatened to cut his son's monthly allowance from $600 to $400, and also threatened to stop paying the $2,400 rent for the son's pad on 18th Street in Chelsea.

Feel free to read that last sentence again and let it really sink in.

Gilbert the younger proceeded to ask his mother to go out and get him a sandwich, and instead of saying, "No, get your own fucking sandwich, you degenerate bum," she obliged. When she returned, she found her husband lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head and her manchild of a son gone. He had fled to his apartment, where presumably no one would ever find him, though he did take the precaution of barricading his door once he got there. Incredibly, police managed to track him down and arrest him.

According to the Post, "The handsome Gilbert Jr. — a graduate of the Buckley School on the Upper East Side, Deerfield Academy in western Massachusetts and Princeton — was a fixture on Manhattan’s black-tie society circuit and was often photographed with a beautiful woman on his arm."

Sounds to me like Gilbert will have a classic "affluenza defense" at his disposal should he choose to go that route. Recall last year when 16 year-old Ethan Couch was given the equivalent of jurisprudential fellatio by a Texas judge after Couch killed four pedestrians and paralyzed another while drunk driving. Couch's attorneys -- provided by mommy and daddy, of course -- argued that his rich upbringing made it difficult for Couch to take responsibility for his actions and that he learned that with wealth comes privilege. The prosecution asked for 20 years in prison. The judge sentenced him to 10 years' probation.

Gilbert, however may not be so lucky. That he's a 30 year-old... adult? (Yeah, let's go with adult, I guess) surely won't help his cause. The fact that he also looks like the sort of smug, indifferent trust fund baby you would imagine a smug, indifferent trust fund baby looking like is another strike against him. Regardless, though, if he did after all murder his father, none of that should matter. What should matter is that he murdered his father and nothing more.

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