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U.S. CENTCOM Social Media Attacked by Hackers Claiming To Be ISIS

They took over Twitter and YouTube and posted ominous messages.
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On Sunday, a headline over at the Wall Street Journal read "White House Aims to Harden Cyberattack Defense." Just 24 hours later, CENTCOM -- the U.S. Central Command -- has seen its Twitter feed and YouTube page hacked either by ISIS itself or someone sympathizing with the group.

The hackers not only tweeted out contact information for high-ranking military officials but a series of ominous messages aimed at CENTCOM and the Pentagon. "ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base," read one message. "With Allah's permission we are in CENTCOM now." Well, at least they got Allah's permission.

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Now keep in mind that hacking Twitter isn't the same thing as hacking CENTCOM itself. It's not like any arm of the U.S. military or intelligence apparatus operates Twitter; it's solely a civilian-run platform. As for the information released, a senior Pentagon official says the material wasn't highly classified.

Make no mistake: malicious hackers have shown themselves to represent potentially the most daunting threat in the year 2015 to U.S intelligence, corporate interests and everyday Americans. The past few months alone have proved it.